Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

1.0: Reclaiming the Blue Nixie


Having inherited the family business, Lady Lavinia Vanderboren has also inherited all of their debts and obligations. One primary remaining asset of the family business is the Blue Nixie, but it has been impounded by the harbormaster of Sasserine for nonpayment of docking fees. Lavinia paid the fees to the harbormaster’s minion, Soller Vark, but failed to get a receipt, and he pocketed the gold, claiming she hadn’t paid. With little recourse, Lady Lavinia asked the Jade Ravens to find someone with plausible deniability to get back her gold or her ship or both.

First Encounters:

  • Mobius wandered into town and, seeing the senseless violence of the gladiator games, did his best to help those involved as a healer. Here he ran into Kaskus Kiel.
  • Gregory Stormwind ran into Vilmar Overlander in a seedy bar, who warned him about the clientele. Sympathetic to the Vanderborens after their recent tragedy, Vilmar referred Gregory to Lady Lavinia.
  • Gorm found the invitation left by Gregory Stormwind in that seedy bar and, thinking it was for a party, showed up purely by accident.
  • Nary was looking for subtle work and so met with Zan Oldavin, who tailed her for a day and decided she was worth referring to Lady Lavinia. Thus, she was hired on independently of the other three.

Gathering Information:

the Blue Nixie was no longer at port; Soller Vark had moved it out into the harbor, and was using it to smuggle rare and dangerous animals through the city. Fortunately for the PCs, Soller Vark is a known figure of the docklands, as were his habits of joining the (illegal) monstrous pit fights. There, they heard he was seen boarding the Nixie a day ago when it was moved out into the harbor.

Nary, deciding on the subtle approach, jumped into the filthy, stinking harbor, and swam out to the boat, where she played at being a mugging victim thrown overboard. Vark’s abysmally stupid henchmen hauled her aboard until Vark emerged from the captain’s cabin and, wisely paranoid, had them throw her back in.

At this point the other three PC’s arrived at the dock and saw Nary thrashing about in the water, and decided it was a lovely afternoon for a swim. Gorm summoned an octopus to fondle Japanese schoolgirls jet them out to the Nixie underwater, so they popped to the surface on the opposite side of the ship from Miss Subtlety.


Climbing onto the _Nixie_’s deck, they witnessed Vark and his thugs raining crossbow bolts on Nary‘s head and laughing, and proceeded to kick their asses. Nary hauled herself out of the drink to join them at this. It was Super-Effective. In short order, the PC’s burned all of their luck but slaughtered or drove off all the thugs, and captured Vark. They then dealt with the dangerous monster Vark had in the hold by staying out of range and peppering it with crossbow bolts (a good idea, since it would’ve taken them out at that point).


Bringing the Nixie back into port, the PCs took a bath before reporting to Lady Lavinia that the ship and her gold had been recovered. She paid them off out of the proceeds, and went to the ship to recover her mother’s signet ring (which, she said, was the key to the family vault). She offered the PCs continued employment. The Jade Ravens were left to guard and clean up the ship, and Kaskus Kiel took charge of the remaining animals, promising to return them to the wild.



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