Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

1.1: It's All Your Vault

As soon as Lady Lavinia Vanderboren got her father’s signet ring from the Blue Nixie, she wanted the PCs to help her get into the Vanderboren family vault. She hadn’t been there, but had heard that the noble families typically use security systems for their hoards.

The PC’s and Lavinia arrived the next morning, and the clerk on duty showed them to the main vault door. The signet ring acts as a key, and it opened.

In the first room of the vault, an Iron Cobra construct lay in wait. It chewed them up pretty badly, thanks to its Damage Reduction, but was no match for Nary’s ridonkulous damage output. They had it nearly dismantled when it shut down at the sight of the signet ring (apparently a key in more ways than one).

In room #2, our heroes found an octagonal room with a big, grooved central pillar. Each side of the octagon has a bas-relief statue of a monster, each with a different number of eyes (1-7, in order) made of inset garnets (which I thought would be an obvious clue, since it was the only detail mentioned). The ceiling was another clue, being a large black eight-pointed star, with one red point facing the entrance. The PCs had to discover by accident that the central pillar rotates, and the whole room was basically a big combination lock.

Opening the vaults, Lady Lavinia then discovered that her brother had emptied the family fortune from the vault before she got there. All that remained were a smattering of silver and a big stack of paperwork (largely IOUs). Concerned, Lavinia asked the PC’s to track down her brother, one Vanthus Vanderboren.

Asking around, they then found that Vanthus had been seen around town in the company of some ne’er-do-wells (and his apparent girlfriend, one Brissa Santos) until about a ten-day ago. The last person they’ve found that has seen him (with assistance from Gregory’s friend in the Watch) was a grumpy dwarf named Panchi, proprietor of a boat shop in Shadowshore District (“It Still Floats!”). Panchi told that Vanthus showed up with a friend, having a heated argument, and they bought a rowboat. They loaded plenty of lamp oil into the boat and headed due west from his dock.

Hearing that, Gorm & Gregory Stormwind cleverly decided to look around the island that was right in front of them, and spent all the next day heading upriver and discovering the culinary delights of lizardfolk cuisine. Mobius cleverly decided to remain in bed instead. It wasn’t until they returned and resumed asking around the seediest side of town that someone looking to make a fast buck offered to sell them some info on Vanthus’ whereabouts.



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