Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

1.2: Beneath Parrot Island

Still in search of Vanthus Vanderboren, Our Heroes took the Li’l A’tuin, The Turtle Taxi of Sasserine. to the end of Parrot Island. They proceeded up the trail to the top of the island, finding a small clearing and tripping over a stone trap door. The trap door led down a 5’-wide shaft into the heart of the island, 30’ down, so naturally the PC’s threw a rope down and climbed down to investigate.

No sooner had the last party member reached to small room at the bottom of the shaft than Vanthus emerged from hiding at the top, cut the rope, and then slammed the door shut. Amid his taunts and jeers, they heard the ominous sounds of boulders being dragged on top of the door.

Now trapped in an old smugglers’ hideout, the PC’s decided to explore the tunnels, unaware that the previous occupants were no longer alive, but still quite hungry!

Thus far, our heroes have dismantled nine of the ravenous zombie pirates, and turned their leader (a huecuva (zombie cleric)), locking him away in the eastern rooms. They estimate that they have another ten minutes before the heucuva recovers from the turning and comes back after them. In the meantime, they’ve found remnants (mostly bones with teethmarks, but a few bits of usable equipment) of the last adventurers to enter these passageways.



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