Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

1.3: One Huecuva Night

After Our Heroes hid in the tiny room at the base of the shaft and tried to sleep, they heard shuffling out in the hallway. Noting that the small hallway would force their enemies to come at them one at a time (and that Zombies only get a partial move), they elected to wait until their foes came to them. This proved to be a sound tactical decision: The zombies shuffled down the hallway one by one and went down under a hail of slashing weapons, one by one.

Once the undead were safely re-dead, the PC’s finished their nap.

Rising at nine the next morning, they explored the rest of the smugglers’ hideout: Three rooms, 25’ square, connected by long hallways. A passageway west led through tide pools with crabs and sea urchins to the corpse of Penkus and his dying curse, plus the smugglers’ treasure.

That treasure included a small jade coffer holding an Earth Elemental gem, which the PC’s used to escape the underground trap and haul up their booty. Returning to Vanderboren manor, they broke open the chest, but not before reporting to Lady Lavinia Vanderboren that her brother was Not Very Nice At All.



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