Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

1.4: There is no Honor


The Taxidermists’ Guild in Dead Dog Alley conceals a complex smugglers’ operation in their basement: The Lotus Dragons were small-time opium runners until one Rowan Kellani took an interest in them a few years back. With her ruthless management (and more importantly, her family’s money) the Lotus Dragons grew to dominate the shipping protection rackets in Sasserine. The major obstacle to their total control over the harbor and comings and goings of ships was the old harbormaster, Keltar Islaran. Thus it was, a couple of nights ago while the PC’s were busy fighting off zombie pirates under Parrot Island, thanks to Vanthus Vanderboren, Islaran was brutally eviscerated as he lay sleeping. In the absence of an Islaran heir, House Kellani stood to gain control of Shadowside.

Enter Our Heroes:

Having found the dying curse of Penkus in the death-trap that was the Parrot Island catacombs directing them to exact their vengeance upon Vanthus where he ‘Lay in the lap of the Lotus’, the party wasted no time in seeking out the Lotus Dragons’ hideout. If you want to break into a hive of scum and villainy, the best time to do so is at three in the afternoon, when everyone is either out doing jobs or sleeping.

Given that the Taxidermists’ Guildmaster, one Nemien Roblach, was as corrupt as they come, Our Heroes heroically bribed their way past him, by joining the guild and paying a ridonkulous “Application Fee” for the privilege.

With Wellby Thornside (Bee) running interference, the PC’s found the secret door, disabled the alarm system, opened the trap door, and went down the ladder. They found an underground complex and proceeded to miraculously completely avoid raising an alert. The only thing that made much noise was an angry Rhagodessa watch-beast, which was conveniently chained up so it couldn’t go rampaging through the complex. They unceremoniously shot it until it expired.

The zombie bugbear that was supposed to raise the alarm didn’t last that long either.

Finally, confronting the Lady of the Lotus in her lounge lair, they were offered the classic Evil Overlord’s Offer: You are clearly more competent than my current henchmen, so why don’t you come work for me? (Note: the PC’s actually could have taken this offer if they weren’t such goody-two-shoes, and didn’t mind working with Rowan to get to Vanthus. Insert comment about Omelettes & Eggs here.)

Aided by a pair of Gorm’s crabs, they took down Rowan and her pet drake, and Gregory narrowly stopped her from escaping via potion of gaseous form. The PC’s took the unconscious Rowan and crept back out the way they came, intimidating Roblach on the way out.

Delivering her to the only contact they trusted in the City Watch, Our Heroes returned to Lavinia Vanderboren with no further information on Vanthus, but having earned the thanks of the Dawn Council for their efforts.


+1 Rapier (value 2320gp)
+1 Leather Armor (value 1160gp)
MW Buckler (value 165gp)
MW hand crossbow with 10 bolts (value 400gp)
potion (you’re pretty sure this is healing of some sort)
wand of Animate Dead (only 5 charges, so 450gp)
wand of Charm Person (650gp)
alabaster statuette: succubus (350gp)
onyx statuette: displacer beast (100gp)
silver statuette: unicorn (500gp)
two jewelry boxes: Necklaces & bracelets worth 300gp, rings & earrings worth 500gp
Misc perfumes worth 240gp
4x Alarm Chimes (20gp each)
2x Silver Lamps (10gp each)

Total value: 7235 (although you may want to apportion the equipment differently)



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