Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

2.3: Carneval of Doom(tm)

Leaving Kraken’s Cove in the Sea Wyvern (now re-christened the Sea Crab), Our Heroes recovered the Blue Nixie and set sail for Sasserine.

After five days at sea, the crew returned home in the middle of the festivities commemorating the independence of Sasserine, with fireworks lighting the skies and streets packed with drunken revelers. In a hurry to get back to Vanderboren Manor, the PCs sailed pretty much right up to the manor gates and parked their ship (leaving their new friend Javin Swiftrunner to mind the boat).

Some of the people out in the streets were apparently out to get our heroes, and they were momentarily assaulted by a group of jugglers on stilts. Fortunately, the would-be hitmen were less than competent at whacking people who could see it coming, and they were foiled in the act. Still, it was evident that the party had made more than their share of enemies in town.

Arriving shortly thereafter at Vanderboren Manor, the party found the front door ajar and three vicious frog-men on guard in the main hall. Making short work of the guards, they rushed up the stairs to find Lavinia Vanderboren, Kora Whistlegap, Tolin Kientai, and Zan Oldavin, all hostages of a half-orc pirate and the shaman of the frog-people. The two gave our heroes quite a bit of trouble before they convinced the pirate that Vanthus Vanderboren was no friend of theirs. At that, he ran off into the night, and the shaman fell to their attacks soon after.

Lady Lavinia managed to save her maid, and told the Party that their troubles were far from over; The manor was overrun with the savage frog-people…



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