Pirates of the Forgotten Realms

2.2: Burning Sails

With repairs recently completed on The Blue Nixie, and Lady Lavinia Vanderboren determined to capture her brother, she had allowed the party to take the ship (captained by Gregory Stormwind) to Blood Bay. There they hoped to find Vanthus Vanderboren, who had planned a raid on the Crimson Fleet hideout. The hideout was situated in caves in a small cove protected by a dangerous reef, known locally as Kraken Cove (see [[2.1: Where There’s Smoke | 2.1: Where There’s Smoke]]).

Approaching Kraken Cove overland, it was apparent that whatever had happened in Kraken Cove, it had affected nearly all living creatures for at least a mile around. Gorm had identified a residual magic field in the area, and Mobius felt it was evil enough to detect. While some creatures were not affected, those who resisted the transformation were quickly set upon by the deformed savage creatures. In a few cases, the mutations were so extreme that the creature did not survive the transformation process; malformed bodies and body parts littered the jungle, the beach, and floated belly-up in the cove.

Within the pirates’ caves, the PC’s had to contend with several transformed pirates, a mutated deinonychus, and even one of Vanthus’s unfortunate girlfriends. Eventually the party encountered Captain Harliss Javell, one of the few pirates to have resisted being transformed and last survivor of the pirate crews in the cove. From her they discovered that Vanthus and Brissa had shattered a large magical black pearl, and that had apparently been the cause of the magical plague. Figuring that Vanthus had fled back to Sasserine, Harliss had set her first mate on course to Vanderboren Manor to exact revenge for her ships and crew.

Our heroes also freed the sole remaining survivor of the pirates’ captives, Javin Swiftrunner.



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