Harliss Javell

Harliss Javell, Captain of the Slippery Eel (destroyed when Vanthus activated the Shadow Pearl).


“Oi! Get in the fight or stay outta me way, buckos! These things are lookin’ to die, and I plan on obligin’!”
Harliss is a bold beauty with raven-black hair that flows like the deepest shade of midnight against her deeply tanned skin. She wears crimson leather armor studded with fire opals and pearls and wields a curved rapier and dagger (her signature weapons) in a blinding display of swordplay.

Harliss was a captain for the Crimson Sails, smuggling goods here and there, until one fateful trip to Kraken’s Cove to ship some exotic animals. There, she met Vanthus Vanderboren, who appeared to be a customer, but who ended up as nothing but a thief. He attempted to steal a valuable pearl that was destined for Sasserine, but Harliss caught him in the act. When Vanthus tried to escape, he accidentally dropped and shattered the pearl, activating some kind of foul magic. Most of the crew of Harliss’ ship and the other pirates in the Cove were turned into ravenous monsters.

Harliss managed to fight her way into the caves, sending her first mate to strike vengeance against Vanthus, who she thought would return to Vanderboren Manor. She was wrong, and when the heroes caught up with her, battling savage pirates in the caves at Kraken’s Cove, she told them of what she did, and, when told of the truth (that Vanthus was an outcast from the Vanderboren family and that he would not return to the Manor), she felt sorry and told the heroes to hurry to Sasserine if they wanted to save their employer. Harliss said that, should the PC’s wish to contact the Crimson Fleet, they have several contacts within Sasserine and would appreciate information; She hopes to salvage something of the debacle at Kraken’s Cove by having the party as her eyes and ears within the city.

Harliss Javell

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